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We realized early on that living a traditional life with big mortgages and high expenses every month was not our idea of being happy or living the American Dream.  So we started the search for a lifestyle that  would allow us to spend more time with our family, be self sufficient, and afford us more freedom. This is when we came across the Tiny House Movement.  The Tiny House Movement means a lot of things to different people.  To us it means less stress, financial freedom, the ability to spend more time with our two children, and the opportunity to show people a more sustainable way of life.   We don't think that everyone should move into a Tiny Home, but we do believe that if more people understood the benefits of Tiny living and embraced it's concepts our world would be a better place.  Although we don't currently live in a Tiny House, we believe that we can live a life more environmentally minded with less focus on possesions, and instead on life's precious moments.  We hope you will join us on our journey and enjoy all that Tiny Homes have to offer.

Zion's Tiny Getaway

Our Tiny Homes are all custom built to the highest standards and have a cozy feel to them.  Each of them are fully outfitted with a kitchen, bathroom, shower, and a mini split system for cooling and heating.  We are continually adding amenities and making your stay even better.   

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